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Ewww! Was it a broad email saying “Don’t post work that isn’t yours?” or was it one of those slap on the wrist emails everyone’s gotten about someone who got upset about a specific post? Has anyone emailed staff? Has anyone gotten a reply?


Seems like a lot of people have gotten the same email.

I replied, but no email yet. A few people have received a reply saying it is possibly a mistake. But still, come on.

I just saw a post by wonderous-world where they emailed tumblr and tumblr was basically just like whoops probably a glitch we’re checking it out. I can’t see how it wouldn’t be a glitch judging by how many people have gotten these emails.

Well, I guess we’ll have to see over the next few days how tumblr will resolve this. If they don’t respond to the major blogs saying that it’s a fault, then I guess that our curating days are over.

A copyright infringement email has been circulated threatening to close down tumblr accounts. This has been sent to a tonne of major curation blogs, so if it’s serious, I guess it means that we can’t curate anymore.

Of course, I had the copyright email also. So what the fudge do I post? I credit everyone (nothing leads back to my blog) so why is it a copyright issue when I credit everything including source, description and tags?
Does this mean that Tumblr are looking at removing curators? I hope not, as that means that artists can possibly lose a lot of publicity / media coverage.

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